I Can Almost Taste Summer

Today I have my last two finals and then summer is here! I still have to take my math final and my U.S. History final, but then I go through the somewhat tedious process of selling back my books. There’s always a huge line in our gym and it take quite a while to get though it. On a much lighter note, I am so excited for my first full day of summer! I realized last night that this is my last summer as a highschooler and to be quite honest it’s kind of crazy to think about. A year from now I will have graduated and I’ll know exactly where I’m going for college!

Sometimes I want everything to slow down for just a minute so I can soak it all in.

Shirt:   Forever 21.    Shorts:   J.Crew.    Bag:   Forever 21.    Bow:   Bow Arts.    Nail Polish:   OPI for Sephora Cover Me In Petals.    Necklace:   vintage (Grandmother’s).    Bracelets:   Forever 21 & Tiffany.    Shoes:   Birkenstocks.  

Do you have any last day of school traditions?

  • Hi!
    I just found your blog on IFB. I really love your posts, you have a wonderful personal style =]


  • Meg

    Thank you so much Erin!

  • Congratulations on your graduation! I've graduated as well (from university) and, although I still have to do a few exams, I still can't believe that this is over. I'm so scared… I guess you understand a little bit how I feel, don't you? By the way, I love your blog 🙂 . Following you!

    Sara from A Modern-Day Lady

  • Meg

    I haven't graduated quite yet, I just became a senior yesterday after finishing my finals. This is going to be my last summer & year of high school. Congratulations on graduating from university! 🙂