April Book Review: Mockingjay

Recently I’ve been thinking about some fun topics to post about and I thought it would be fun to do a monthly book review! This way I can guarantee myself that I’ll be reading at least one book a month for my own enjoyment rather than just what is required for school. I really love reading recreationally, but sometimes my busy schedule makes it a little more difficult to set aside time for reading for fun. When I do, I usually end up reading right before I go to bed and I find it very relaxing. 
I just recently finished the Hunger Games trilogy within the past week, ending with the final book Mockingjay.
When it comes to trilogies and “sagas” I’m not usually a fan of the following books compared to the first in the series, however in the case of the Hunger Games trilogy this was not true at all. While the first book was still definitely my favorite, I really enjoyed reading all three of the books! I don’t like to give “spoilers” so all I’m going to say in regards to my opinion on the plot of the Mockingjay is that I was not the biggest fan of the ending of the book and I wished it had come to more of a conclusion. But even soI really enjoyed the book.
Words cannot describe how bittersweet it was as I turned to the final page, I really loved the series and I didn’t want it to end, but and at the same time I wanted to find out how it all ended! I’m pretty sure I will end up reading all three books at least once more and possibly closer together than I did this time.
What was your favorite “fun” book this month?


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  • My fun book of the month would be Jodi Picoult's Lone Wolf. I have read all of her books and all of them are amazing. And I agree, the ending was a tad disappointing.

  • Loved that book series. I didn't want it to end either

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