Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow

        It’s taken forever for it to snow here on the north shore and we have finally gotten five inches of snow at once! I’m going to show a few of my personal favorites in regards to snowy weather fashion now that we can finally wear them.
My first favorite would be Hunter Boots. I got a pair in fuchsia for christmas this year and I’m completely in love with them and wear them quite often, especially when it’s too messy outside to wear ballet flats, moccasins, Sperry’s, etc.
        When it’s really cold out I tend to add my cream basket weave tall Hunter socks for extra warmth, they’re super comfy and make the boots as warm as UGGs, but ten times as stylish in my opinion! In addition to these bright boots, they really make a statement. One that says, “Hello, I’m here!” 

        I’m so in love with pea coats and trench coats, but I find myself constantly throwing on my brunette brown North Face Denali fleece Hoodie. It’s so easy to throw on, a nice neutral color, and surprisingly warm for how light-weight it is.

Denali Hoodie
Sound off below, what are your favorite winter wear essentials?
Stay Warm!
     Bowtiful Life 
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