December 17, 2014

Wisdom Wednesday: The Right Words

It's almost Christmas and a brand new year is approaching at an alarmingly fast pace. New Years reminds me of many things... new goals, friends, loves, challenges, hobbies, inspirations, and so much more. While scrolling through Bowtiful Life and reflecting on this year, I realized that I haven't put up a "Wisdom Wednesday" post in quite a while... So here's a new one!

I was looking at my quotes board on Pinterest as well as all the quotes I've re-blogged on my Tumblr and I found a lot that were almost perfect, but not exactly what I wanted. So, I decided to switch some up and mix a few together. This was the end result & honestly I love it!
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Sometimes if you can't find the right words, you just have say them yourself!

{Also, had to share this gif I found on my Tumblr, because who doesn't love a sassy & determined Blair Waldorf?!}
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All my love,

December 14, 2014

Dorm Gallery Wall

Earlier this semester I posted an Instagram (shown further down in the post) of me in our dorm kitchen with a can of gold spray paint... and that's how this all began.
Ever since I was little, I've had a fondness for gallery style walls in other people's homes. Whether they're made of art, family photos, or a mixture of both, I've always loved looking at them and contemplating what I would put in my own! This semester I decided that I wanted to create my own mini gallery wall above my bed. I painted a bunch of canvases and printed pictures out from Tumblr and Pinterest, picked my favorites, and then got to the process of arranging everything. I also picked up some basic frames from Michael's, painted them white and put in the pictures. I spent a really long time arranging everything, and yes, I got out a ruler to make sure certain parts were spaced just right. What can I say? If you're going to do something, do it right! I absolutely love how the wall turned out and I think it adds a nice personalization to my side of the room. 
Throwback to earlier this semester, crafting in our kitchen. {via my Instagram}

December 12, 2014

Waldorf Chicago

Last weekend I got to go to The Waldorf in Chicago to celebrate my Big's early graduation with brunch at the Balsan! The building was stunning, brunch was fantastic, and the whole place was all decked out for Christmas. My wonderful greek twin, Fiona, (my Big has two littles, myself & Fiona, so we're twins), took some outfit of the day pictures for me around the hotel and with the huge tree outside!
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Hey Fiona :)
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~ What I Wore ~
shirt ℅  ~  skirt (similar)  ~  necklace ℅  ~  tights  ~  bag    ~  flats  ~ vintage earrings

♥ Congrats again Lucy, love you!!! ♥  

December 7, 2014

"Filled with Joy" Bowtiful Wallpaper - Holiday '14

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Happy holidays (and finals week for all my college readers). Here's a fun and cheerful holiday themed wallpaper to brighten up all of your computers. I've set it as the background to mine and I am so incredibly excited for Christmas!
How to set up your new background
1. right click on the image. / 2. select "open in new tab" (or window) / 3. right click the image again. / 4. save the image to your computer and then set it as your background / 5. include the specification "stretch to fill screen" so you can see the whole thing and have no gapping issues.

If you do decide to set this as your background, be sure to take a picture of your computer & new background and use the tag #BowtifulLife on Instagram so I can see it! :)

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December 3, 2014

My Warby Parker Experience

I've had glasses since I was in third grade...
So, I've had more than a few pairs of glasses in my life. I stopped wearing glasses in public before I started high school. I made the switch to contact lenses for convenience and because I honestly wasn't the biggest fan of how I looked in glasses. However...
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For the last two years or so I've been hearing wonderful things about Warby Parker and I decided I'd branch out and try their frames on for size! Early in October, I went to an independent boutique in the area that carried Warby Parker frames and picked out a pair that I loved. The store ordered them for me to be shipped to my school mail room and I left feeling super excited to get my new glasses.

Approximately a week later, my new glasses showed up! But, there was a bit of a problem... one of the lenses was the wrong prescription! After calling the company, one of the super sweet Warby Parker reps and I discovered that the sales associates at the boutique had accidentally read my eye doctor's handwriting wrong and had confused a six for a two... big whoops.

The Warby Parker rep was extremely apologetic, even though it wasn't technically Warby Parker's fault, and went above and beyond to get a pair of frames with my correct prescription shipped to me asap and before I flew to New York. They sent me a return label for the incorrect pair, and my new glasses showed up in five days with time to spare before my trip.
As for the frames, my pick was the Durand frames in Woodland tortoise! I love these glasses and they're the first pair in years that I've been willing to wear wanted to wear on a more regular basis. Over Thanksgiving break, I actually went for three days straight without putting in contact lenses and I wore my glasses instead. That's how much I like them!
Summed opinion of Warby Parker: fantastic and flattering frames with even better customer service! I'd definitely recommend both the frames and the company to anyone looking for a new pair of glasses!

Are you a glasses wearer? Have you ever bought Warby Parker frames?

December 1, 2014

December '14 Playlist

It's December, it's winter, and it's the final month of 2014.... what?!?
This calendar year has flown by and this semester has been a blur. I can't believe this is my last monthly playlist for 2014! That being said, I hope you enjoy this one and have a wonderful month!
Happy Listening!

November 30, 2014

Bowtiful NYC - Day 5 Recap

On our fifth and final day in New York City, Mary and I grabbed a quick breakfast of bagels and acai bowls before heading out for another busy day!

 That morning, I got to meet up and chat with with Carly from The College Prepster over coffee. Carly was one of the bloggers who inspired me to start my own blog almost three years ago, so it was so nice to meet her in person! It was great to get to know her a little bit better and chat about the blogging industry as well as what's it's like to live in New York.
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Next, Mary and I headed to Rockefeller Center and got to catch a glimpse of the ice rink and the famous golden Prometheus statue. If we'd had more time I would have wanted to skate, so that's on my NYC bucket list for future trips!

I was a huge fan of American Girl dolls when I was little, so naturally I had to stop at the New York location while we were there to look around and pick up a fun souvenir for my little sister.

Our final stop before heading to tea at The Plaza was Saks where Mary and I fell in love with the Viktor & Rolf Bon Bon displays. So many bows!!!
I think it's safe to say that having tea at The Plaza was my absolute favorite part of my trip. I felt like Eloise as we sat in cushioned chairs in the ornate Palm Court while sipping tea and eating finger sandwiches and small sweet treats. The architecture of The Palm Court is gorgeous, the ambiance is fun and fancy, and the food was absolutely amazing. All of the staff was extremely polite, generous, and sweet, so that made the experience even more enjoyable. 
Before leaving The Plaza and running back to our hotel to grab our bags and catch our flight I had to snap a quick picture with the original Eloise portrait by Hilary Knight. It was so cool to visit the primary location of one of my favorite childhood stories. Eloise is still a favorite of mine to this day and I plan to read the books to my children some day down the road as well.
That evening we headed back home to Chicago!

So, that was my final Bowtiful NYC recap! I hope you all enjoyed reading these posts as much as I enjoyed writing them! I still have some video footage from my trip, so hopefully I'll have some down-time sometime soon to throw that together and post it on my YouTube channel. Thanks for reading!

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