July 5, 2015

Proudly Patriotic

I hope you all had an absolutely amazing 4th! Today I'm sharing what I wore yesterday afternoon for the parade and dinner with my family. I think the highlight of the day had to be the fireworks (picture included at the bottom of this post). They were right above us the entire time!
What I Wore
Forever 21 dress (similar)  -  Longhcamp Le Pliage Large Tote  -  Bows Arts Bow (similar)  -  Heirloom Ring (similar)  -  Jack Rogers Sandals  -  Wenger by Swiss Army Watch  -  Loren Hope Chloe Studs  -  Jared Necklace (costume version for under $10!)  -  Monogram Bracelet ℅ Personalized from Me to You (similar)
{from my Instagram}
How did you celebrate the 4th?

July 4, 2015

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th, lovelies! I hope you all have an absolutely wonderful day spent with the people you care about most! I'll be going to a parade later on this afternoon, spending time with my family, and keeping up our tradition of getting ice cream all together after the parade. What are your plans?
throwback to last year's outfit for the 4th
P.S. If you're using fireworks or anything of that sort today, please have fun and be safe!

July 3, 2015

Classy & Clean with Pottery Barn Dorm

As most of you are well aware, I really enjoy bright colors, especially in decorating! (However, if you weren't aware, check out my colorful freshman and sophomore dorm room posts.) I also absolutely love white interior design!!! There's something so fresh and clean about all white, or at least primarily white, decor. When it comes to decorating, the icing on the cake for me is throwing in some gold metallic accents and colorful elements to keep the space bright and fun!
When decorating smaller spaces, like a dorm room, I've found that if you use lots of white and bright colors it helps to make the space look a little bit bigger, brighter, and homey.

On Pottery Barn's dorm section of their website, they have so many great options for creating a bright white themed space with fun accents for contrast! I've listed a few of my favorites below:

The comforter or duvet is a very important aspect of a dorm room because it acts as a blank (or patterned) canvas to start off with when you're designing the rest of your room! Pottery Barn has some great duvets (with over 1000 bedding prints, patterns and colors to choose from) starting at only $39 as well as discounted, pre-made bedding bundles to take care of all your basics in one fell swoop.

Now as for the details, accent pillows can make or break a space. If you use too many and they don't go together, then they're excess clutter. However, if you use the right amount for the space and go with a coordinating color scheme then they become pieces of a cohesive set. I'm especially in love with the Chicago Pillow and Chi O pillow above. So perfect! Throw blankets are also a great addition to your bed for a little bit more color and warmth.

The final accent, and probably my favorite, is wall decor! I love gallery walls and I think they add one of the most personal touches possible to a room! The gold dots I've linked above are a great addition to any blank white wall for some fun color without going too crazy.

I'm so excited to decorate my room for my junior year and I'll definitely be using plenty of white, gold, and bright colors! How will you style your room?

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July 1, 2015

July '15 Playlist

Happy July! This month's playlist was incredibly difficult to put together because I've has so many "favorite" songs recently! If I had to pick my absolute favorite out of this month's playlist it would be a tie between "Lost in My Mind," which Ola introduced me to, and "I Was Made for Loving You," which is a gorgeous duet between Ed Sheeran and Tori Kelly. So good!
What's your favorite song this month?
P.S. Some of you may have noticed that I switched up the graphic for this month's playlist! Thoughts?

June 30, 2015

Reliable Reds - Top 10 Red Lip Products

Today's post is a continuation of my patriotic posting in anticipation of the upcoming holiday on Saturday! I love wearing red lipstick for formal events, but I also love wearing it "just because!" Last year on the 4th, I wore this shade and I got tons of compliments throughout the day (and I didn't have to re-apply it, not even once!). When you're wearing a bold color like red, you don't want your lipstick, gloss, stain, etc. to be half on half off as the day goes on, because let's be honest, that's not a good look for anyone! That being said, I've put together list of my top ten favorite products for whenever I feel like sporting a red lip. Each of these was chosen for a different reason. For some, it was strictly based on the shade itself, others were chosen for their staying power, some were picked because they're especially moisturizing, and some were chosen because they possess several of these qualities. All of them are linked below!

Do you have a favorite product for whenever you're rocking a red lip? Let me know below!

June 29, 2015

Fashion Favorites for The 4th

It's that fabulous time of year when fireworks light up the summer night sky, it's almost the Fourth of July! The Fourth is definitely one of my all-time favorite holidays and it's been that way since I was very little. For as long as I can remember, my family and I have gone to multiple nights worth of fireworks as well as the parade in my hometown. I'm not sure exactly what it is that I love most about the Fourth. Maybe it's the fireworks, the parades, the seas of people wearing red, white, and blue, the sweet and sticky firecracker popsicles, or maybe it's spending quality time with my family. Some of my best memories of the Fourth are of my parents, sister, and I spending time with my grandmother, going out for lunch, and then attending the fireworks at night!

On all twenty Fourth of Julys that I've experienced I've been decked out in red white and blue! Of course, this year will be no different! I'm still choosing the perfect patriotic outfit for the Fourth and I've come across lots of fun outfit inspo online! I saw this super cute Lilly romper (which is uniquely a skort on the bottom rather than shorts!) here on their site and I absolutely fell in love! Check out some of my other fashion favorites for the 4th below!
What's your favorite thing about The 4th of July?

June 27, 2015

June Favorites - Video

Guess who just posted a new YouTube video?

This month I'm talking about some of my favorite beauty products, snacks, accessories, and more! Check out my June Favorites video on my channel or watch above for all the details! Make sure you subscribe to Bowtiful Life on YouTube so you're one of the first to know when I post my next video!

What were some of your favorites this month?

June 26, 2015

Oreo Cake Balls - No Baking Required

Happy Friday, lovelies! Today I'm doing something brand new to Bowtiful Life and sharing one of my favorite recipes with all of you! This past March I was making a sweet treat for a large group of people and I found a simple recipe from Kraft for Oreo Balls. They turned out really well and everyone seemed to love them, so I knew that I had to share the recipe with all of you as well! I've switched up a few things and added a few tips and tricks I learned along the way, so hopefully that makes this simple recipe even easier for all of you!INGREDIENTS 
// Makes approximately 45 servings, depending on size! //
- 1 package (8 oz.) of Philadelphia Cream Cheese, softened
- 40 Oreo Cookies, separated and then finely crushed
(I'd suggest using a blender or magic bullet to crush the cookie pieces, because this took much longer than expected.)
- 4 packages (4 oz. each) of Baker's Semi-Sweet Chocolate, broken into pieces and melted
(When making this at school, we tried melting it in a microwave... Trust me, just don't.)

Mix the cream cheese, Oreo centers, and cookie crumbs until blended into a paste.
(Yet again, I'd suggest a blender because this takes a while to get the right texture.)
Separate and shape the mixture into approximately1-inch sized balls, depending on size preference.
Freeze cookie balls for 15 minutes.
Melt chocolate in preparation for dipping
(Have someone to help you keep the chocolate in a liquid state by continuously stirring it while in between dipping the cookie balls, or the chocolate will harden easily and be more difficult to work with.)
Dip the frozen cookie balls in melted chocolate, one-by-one.
(Use a toothpick or chopstick to dip the cookie balls into the melted chocolate.)
Place on wax paper on top of either a cookie sheet or cooling rack.
 (To cover any holes from dipping process, take a spoon and add more of the melted chocolate to the cake ball, then use the excess chocolate to form a small swirl, covering the hole.)
Refrigerate the cake balls for at least 1 hour to for firmness, but allow approximately 20 minutes before serving so they can soften just a bit to allow for the best texture possible.

Bon Appétit!
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